How about Nomi's home? How to Choose Store Location for NOME Shelf Community Convenience Store

2019-08-13 13:43:16 永创艺货架

  一. Reference Criteria for Store Location

  There are no less than 10,000 inhabitants in the radius of 1,500 meters, including no less than 1,500 households in the radius of 200 meters.

  2. Street-facing stores located in the street of the community business center or at the entrance of the community. The best place to go East-West to the street is north to south; the best place to go north-south to the street is west to east, as far as possible at the northwest corner of the intersection;

  3. It is adjacent to brand stores and public places with strong customer gathering capacity, such as hotels, 24-hour pharmacies, coffee shops, tea houses, bars, schools, banks, post offices, laundries, printing shops, community service centers, community cultural and sports activities centers, etc.

  4. Independent shops or the bottom floor of a building, with a width of not less than 6 meters;

  5. Doors and windows can be converted into floor-type large glass structure.

  6. Shop property rights are clear and can be used (rented) for at least five years.

  7. Normal water supply, electricity and telephone;

  8. The open space in front of the shop is not less than the operating area of the shop, and more than 20 bicycles and motorcycles can be parked. More than two cars can be parked in front of the store or within 50 meters nearby.

  9. Advertising boards of more than 30 square meters can be issued (installed) in storefront, storeside and in front of stores.

  10. The community transportation is convenient and smooth, and it is adjacent to public transport facilities with large traffic, such as overpasses, underpasses, bus stations, subway stations and light rail stations.

  From the above 10 conditions, we can see that not only the number of people, but also the effective flow of people, traffic, public security, propaganda, orientation and other details should be taken into account in the location selection of stores. These provisions ensure that the location of stores is scientific and standardized as far as possible.

  二、Reference Criteria for Surveying Peripheral Consumption

  When supermarkets conduct market survey before opening their stores, the survey of the life structure of consumers in the area is to investigate the data of the life style of consumers in the area. It can grasp the overall and quantitative information about the number of households in the population structure, income level, consumption level, purchase action and so on.

  1. Population structure

  To investigate the current population, we should forecast the past population aggregation, the speed of expansion and the future population. At the same time, we should classify the population structure according to industry, education level and the main consumption age.

  2. The Composition of Family Households

  The number of households is one of the most basic data in the population structure. By this way, we can understand the changing situation of households, the number of households and the status of members, and obtain the changing trend of personnel.

  3. Income Level

  Data on income levels show the likelihood and magnitude of consumption and compare the income levels of each person or household with those of other regions for further analysis.

  4. Consumption Level

  This data is a direct indicator of consumption activities in consumer areas, and also the most important indicator of stores. Thus, we can understand the consumption situation of each person or family, and know the expenditure of various commodities according to the type of commodities according to the content of consumption, as the most important reference for our future commodity structure.

  5. Purchase Action

  A survey of consumer purchasing behavior can be based on the scope of activity of the consumer when buying a commodity and the shop where a commodity is often purchased. From this, we can also know the scope of consumer shopping activities, and the criteria and habits of consumer choosing goods.

  These are some suggestions from Xiaoyi. I hope they will be helpful to you.

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