How should the storage shelves be maintained and prolonged?

2019-08-07 11:39:51 永创艺货架

  With the development of modern logistics skills, the utilization rate of warehouse shelves is also increasing. Many factors will affect the service life of warehouses, such as temperature, humidity, lighting, ventilation conditions, etc. In the process of using, rust, scratch, deformation and other conditions are found easily. This is basically not well maintained in use, so what should we do? Yongchuang Art Shelf Art, please look down! I hope to help you.

  First of all, do a good job of regular viewing:

  1. Check the use of shelves and depreciation deformation;

  2. Check whether the columns and beams are deformed or not.

  3. Check whether the expansion bolts, foot guards and other equipment need to be replaced.

  Warehouse shelf maintenance tips:

  1. Anti-collision maintenance. The more vulnerable parts of the shelf are the pillars in the passage and the corner, which are often deformed by the collision of forklift trucks. The anti-collision guardrail can be installed in the orientation of the passage.

  2. Anti-pressure. Different standard shelves are manufactured according to load-bearing planning. Load-bearing and load-limiting signs should be made on shelves, and the criteria of light weight at the bottom of shelves should be followed, that is, heavy weight at the bottom and light weight at the top.

  3. Moisture-proof and rain-proof. Maintenance paint should be corrected on time to reduce rust. Do a good job of timely ventilation, adhere to the warehouse can not be excessively wet. Shelf laminates are mostly wooden boards, and the position near the window is liable to rain, so moisture-proof treatment should be done.

  4. Personnel use power booster. Most of the collision and deformation of shelf columns in warehouses are caused by the use of pusher by non-designated personnel. They should be operated by licensed personnel. The shelf beams are customized to yellow so as to facilitate the identification of pusher operators.

  5. Provide shelf operation criteria. Different warehouses and different goods have different ways of using them. Warehouse managers should formulate shelf operation guidelines so that each shelf operator can learn and abide by them.

  Generally speaking, we should pay attention to maintenance and make a plan of punctual maintenance, such as regular inspection and record, if there is any doubt, we should deal with it in a hurry. In the process of ordinary use, if there are some small questions, the warehouse repairman can handle them by himself, and if there are questions that can not be dealt with, the original manufacturer of the shelf can be contacted to repair them. When the shelf is not in use for a long time, it can be disassembled, which is conducive to preservation and shelf maintenance.

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